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Very serious and competent assessment of the vehicle and price. Close and supportive support during the sales phase. Uncomplicated handling of the formalities

Finally someone who takes care of the sale of vehicles. The many calls to “windy dealers” are now a thing of the past.

Layne reviews


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No more anger and stress. Layne takes care of the entire sales process from A to Z and maximizes your chances of a successful sale.


Buy used vehicles at a fair price without any worries

The cars are checked by our experts. There are up to 24 months warranty and buyer protection on our used vehicles.

CHF 17'000

MAZDA CX-5 2.2 D HP Revolution AWD Automatic (SUV / Geländewagen)

175 PS
Automat sequentiell

CHF 18'900

CHF 26'900

VW Golf 2.0 TSI R 4Motion DSG (Limousine)

301 PS
Automatisiertes Schaltgetriebe


Layne: Where comfort and fairness come together

Layne is the new online broker for used vehicles in Switzerland. With us, sellers achieve up to 25% more than with dealers and buyers can buy checked used vehicles without any worries at a fair price and with a warranty of up to 24 months


The 5 biggest mistakes in car sales!

Layne blog post image

These are the 5 biggest mistakes in car sales! Do you want to sell your car? To help you through the sales process and get the best price for your car, we'll explain the five biggest mistakes in car sales that you can easily avoid. 1 - The vehicle is not well prepared. Before selling, you should thoroughly clean your car both inside and outside. In order to get the best possible price, you sh...

Should I sell my car to a garage?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of selling to a garage? If you want to get rid of a vehicle as quickly as possible, selling or exchanging it in a garage can make sense. Garages always buy vehicles below the market price because they are intended for resale. When buying used cars, garages often only make a short visual inspection and set the price based on this. The worst is expected...

What is my car worth and why?

How much is my car worth? Let your vehicle be valued. You can either ask a dealer for advice or go online for a review. Websites like Auto-i-dat and Eurotax offer this for a small fee. Used car platforms are a good way to get a rough price estimate quickly. The aim is to look for vehicles that are as similar as possible and that were recently advertised. It is important to note that the price...


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Layne is a young and emerging company. I think the business idea of ​​selling vehicles at the best price is great. The ratings and warrantys given with the vehicle are also top. Fair, transparent and very committed. I would sell another vehicle with Layne again.



We are 100% satisfied with the advice and with the car. The consultant was always friendly, honest and very flexible. The consultant was also available via Whatsapp. This has simplified a lot in everyday working life.



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