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Should I sell my car to a garage?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of selling to a garage?

If you want to get rid of a vehicle as quickly as possible, selling or exchanging it in a garage can make sense.

Garages always buy vehicles below the market price because they are intended for resale. When buying used cars, garages often only make a short visual inspection and set the price based on this. The worst is expected for the technical parts. If your car is technically in good condition, you will be punished and will not get a better deal.

The big advantage of garages is that you can get rid of the vehicle quickly without making many phone calls. The garage, in turn, can offer potential buyers a lease, which is not possible in private sales.

If your vehicle is difficult to sell for the garage, interest will decrease because the sale prices and therefore the margins of the garage are very low. With such vehicles, it makes sense to sell through a professional agency or to place an advertisement online yourself.

How does professional placement work?

Selling the vehicle through a professional agency is a combination of the advantages of private sales and the garage. A very precise inspection is carried out, both technically and optically. This leads to a precise assessment of the current value of the vehicle. As a result, a fair price can be achieved for a used car in good condition.

You sell to private individuals through an agency, which means that prices can be higher than when selling to a garage. Your effort remains low, however, as the telephone calls and the advertising are carried out by the agency. As a professional broker, Layne can offer the buyer leasing and financing options. In addition, buyers receive a 12-month guarantee and buyer legal protection. These additional services to the buyer help to achieve a good sales price, since you cannot offer this as a private seller.

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