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The 5 biggest mistakes in car sales!


These are the 5 biggest mistakes in car sales! Do you want to sell your car? To help you through the sales process and get the best price for your car, we'll explain the five biggest mistakes in car sales that you can easily avoid.

1 - The vehicle is not well prepared.

Before selling, you should thoroughly clean your car both inside and outside. In order to get the best possible price, you should present your car in the best condition. This makes a better impression both for the advertisement and for visits. A poorly maintained vehicle will distract interested parties from what the car is actually worth.

After visiting a car wash, you should take care of the interior. Clean the seats, the dashboard, the floor mats and the trunk. A clean car makes a much better impression on the buyer.

Prospective buyers always get the first impression from the photos in the advertisement. Make sure that the pictures are taken in daylight and in good quality. The first pictures in the ad should show the entire car from the outside. Then it makes sense to show photos of the interior, because buyers like to convince themselves of the condition.

2 - No major repairs were made.

Not every buyer is a car specialist, so a good visual condition can have a very positive effect on the sales price. For this reason, the value of the car can be increased with little effort before the sale.

If your headlights have become weak over the years, it makes sense to change the old light bulbs. If the rims have scratches, a repair should be considered, as damaged rims are often used as an argument for lowering prices. Independent experts without direct reference to a garage are recommended to obtain information about any repairs. Since garages make a lot of money with repairs, they often try to replace your car as much as possible.

The value of second-hand items fresh from MFK is always higher than those without. If your car is in good condition, it makes sense to go through the effort of the motor vehicle inspection before the sale in order to achieve a higher sales price.

3 - The car is advertised at the wrong price.

Finding the right retail price is very difficult. It makes sense to have the vehicle assessed by an expert on site or online. Because with an evaluation, a currently realistic price of the specific vehicle is calculated.

Via platforms such as Eurotax, you can have your car assessed quickly and easily using basic information such as the equipment and model. Dealers would usually buy your vehicle at the purchase price received, minus damage. It is important to know that the condition of the car is not given much attention.

In order to get an exact price including all factors, the evaluation by an expert is recommended. This can look at the vehicle in detail optically and technically on site and thus provide a more precise assessment.

The prices for online ads of used cars are often higher than the experts' estimates. This is because these are showcase prices. Discounts of 20-25% on the final sales price can be expected. It is therefore important not to be influenced too much by these prices and to advertise the car at a good and fair price.

4 - The advertisement is not meaningful enough.

In order to make an advertisement meaningful, it is important to have good photos and texts and to place them correctly. As described above, the photos should show the whole vehicle inside and out. For this purpose, pictures of any damage should be attached.

Your car online will be one of many of the same kind. So make sure that interested parties can find all the important information about your vehicle on the ad. Missing details create uncertainty and fear of concealed defects. Do not deny any data, so that the prospect is very likely to jump off, as this causes great distrust. Write your ad carefully and check that you have not forgotten anything. This saves you a lot of time and unnecessary negotiations.

5 - The correct offer is rejected.

After your car is perfectly prepared and your advertisement is online, the first interested parties will contact you. Many of them will make offers well below the advertised price. Do not be put under pressure and only accept serious offers.

Often car dealers report and trade the price down sharply again with the offer to take the car directly with them. If you don't have to get rid of your car right away, these offers are always too deep.

Once you've found the right buyer, it's time to find the right price. A common mistake is to reject a good offer and later to have to accept a much worse deal due to the time pressure. The best offers from serious interested parties often come relatively early. In most cases it is advisable to respond to them, even if they are slightly below the desired price. The offers often only get worse and deeper towards the end of the advertisement.

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