How it works

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Vehicle information and valuation

Using our vehicle valuation engine, you can easily input your vehicle details and receive a free valuation on our website.


Vehicle inspection

Our expert will come to your home on an agreed date and check the condition of your vehicle. He will also take a few photos for the advertisement and perform a short test drive.


Advertising and marketing

We will create a professional and effective advertisement for your car on platforms such as AutoScout24, Tutti, Comparis and We will advise you on a few pricing strategies, so that you can decide on your preferred listing price.


Inquiries and test drives

We will take care of all phone calls and emails, and check the seriousness and eligibility of the interested parties. We will contact you to arrange viewings and test drives, as they will take place at your home. If you wish, you can continue to use your vehicle during the sales process.


Offers and negotiations

After the test drive, we will follow up with the interested parties to obtain their offers and, and if necessary, to negotiate the sale price.


Purchase contract and warranty

We will prepare the sales contract and send it to you and the buyer for electronic signatures. We will also deal with the payment process during the handover. In many cases, the buyer will require our support with obtaining a warranty, leasing or financing, which we will assist them directly.


Payment and handover

After the buyer has paid, we will inform you and make an appointment for the vehicle to be picked up at your home.

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Selling price and cost

Ultimately, you will have full control on the listing price and the final sale price of the car. Our role is to explain to you the current market conditions and guide you through the pricing strategy. We will also present you with any offers we received from potential buyers, but will leave the decision to accept them to you.

We are currently running a special offer, with a discount on the listing fee at CHF 49.- / month (reduced from CHF 79.- / month).

In case of a successful intermediation, a commission of 7% of the sale price will be charged (min 990.- / max. 2990.-).

Vehicle inspection, photos and advertising fees are included in our monthly listing fees and commission fee. There are no further costs. Our service officially begins on the day of the vehicle inspection, and can be canceled every month at any time.

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