Intermediation Agreement

We are pleased that you have chosen Layne. In the following we have listed a few important points to ensure a fair, goal-oriented and pleasant cooperation. Please read them carefully. This intermediation agreement is valid from the time your advertisement is placed.

Intermediation agreement
  1. You are the rightful owner of the vehicle for sale or have permission from the rightful owner to sell the vehicle for him/her.
  2. You transfer the brokerage rights of the vehicle for sale to us.
  3. Your car is registered and can be test-driven during the inspection and subsequent viewings.
  4. You undertake to delete any existing advertisements, as some platforms do not allow for the same car to be listed twice.
  5. You are basically free to set the price for your car. However, the price should be based on the current market situation. We will only sell your car at a price you have agreed to in advance.
  6. The fee for the listing is CHF 49.- per month. We will invoice this fee together with our mediation fee once your car is sold. If you decide to cancel our service at an earlier point in time, we will invoice the listing fee at the time of notice.
  7. The minimum contract duration is 2 months. After this minimum contract duration you can cancel our service monthly by writing an email to [email protected]
  8. If we successfully mediate your car, a fee of 7% of the sales price will be charged (min. CHF 990.- / max. CHF 2'990.-). The mediation is concluded with the verbal or written consent of both parties involved (buyer and seller). This fee also applies after termination of our cooperation, in case the vehicle is sold to a person who has been mediated by us.
  9. Layne's liability shall be limited to damages from intentional and grossly negligent acts.

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