Vehicle pricing strategy

Layne has analyzed thousands of successful and not-so-successful cases and recommends the following pricing strategy to our sellers.


Outline your situation so we could help you strategize

Are you selling because your new car is coming soon? Do you have to leave the country by a certain date? We can help you determine the right sale and pricing strategy that will work for you and your timeline.


Price your vehicle optimistically, but competitively

Based on our knowledge of the market and your car’s condition determined by the expert, we will advise you on a price that will not leave any money on the table, but will still generate an interest within the first few weeks.


Avoid listing your vehicle too high by referencing other online listings

Online platforms are full of vehicles that are priced way above the real sales price. Our research shows most of them don’t generate any interest, and if they are eventually sold, it is because the sellers agree to a huge cut, usually as much as a 25-30% discount.


Don’t plan on too many downward price adjustments

Buyers like a discount, but they are also very wary with older listings. They ask, “why is that car still not sold? Is there a problem with it?” Our recommendation is to start optimistically to test the market, but competitively so you get enough interest from the very first month. If the market is very saturated with similar vehicles, we will advise you on subsequent price reductions to prevent your car from sitting around for too long and losing its value.

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