All-inclusive Car Buying Service in Switzerland

Fully inspected, road-ready, new or used vehicle at your doorstep.

1. Get in touch with your requirements.

With our specialized knowledge of the Swiss automobile market, we will line up vehicles that would best suit your needs.

2. We get to work.

Our experts do the work: searching for the right vehicle, inspecting it inside and out, negotiating the price on your behalf, and finally, providing you with the payment or financing options and concluding the sales and registration paperwork.

3. Your car arrives, road-ready.

We deliver the car – turn-key and ready to drive – to your doorstep. Get ready and set off on this Swiss journey with the best start.

What’s included in the “All-inclusive Car Buying Service”?

✔ Buyer advisory  

✔ Vehicle search 

✔ Vehicle inspection and test drive

✔ Price negotiation

✔ Contract preparation

✔ Vehicle registration

✔ Financing and leasing options

✔ Warranty options

✔ Insurance options

✔ Vehicle storage and delivery

Is Layne’s All-inclusive Car Buying Service for me?

  • Ideal for those soon-to-arrive or new in Switzerland. We provide the technical and logistical know-how’s of vehicle purchase and lease so expatriates can navigate this process with confidence.
  • Ideal for non-German speakers. Our multi-language support team will assist with all the necessary translation and documentation required such as purchase contract and vehicle registration.
  • Ideal for non-technical buyer. We follow our strict quality criteria and pre-inspect the car before you make the purchase. If something is not right, we search for alternatives or recommend a fix prior to handover (and the appropriate price reductions so you don’t overpay). 
  • Ideal for time-constraint individuals. Spend less time on the tedious part of purchasing a car. Layne gets everything in order and deliver you with a road-ready vehicle.


Our All Inclusive Buying Service costs CHF 1’190.-.

So that you can devote yourself to truly important things in life.

Get in touch with us.

Advantages of using a professional buying service

Free up your time.

The entire process of buying a car could take hundreds of hours. We perform time-consuming tasks such as scouting for the right car, inspecting it, and closing the deal, so you can skip the busy work, without compromising on what you get.

Easy communications.

We keep you informed on the progress, so you can make the right decisions and stay in control of the buying process.

No overpaying for a car.

By working with a market expert, you have access to the pricing information. We help you negotiate the price so that you don’t pay more than fair market value.

Quality assurance.

Our automobile expert will inspect the car in person before finalizing a deal. The inspection is a 110-point check that include optical and mechanical testing. If you wish, our expert will also test drive the car on your behalf.

No administrative work.

Dealing with paperwork in another language or country can be daunting. Our services include lining up the necessary contracts and documents and guiding you through the legal process of purchasing and registering for a car.

Leasing and financing available.

Not sure how to secure a lease or financing in Switzerland? Actually, this is where many buyers, including the locals, get taken advantage of by dealers who try to structure a deal for their own benefits. We will discuss with you the available options with full transparency, so that you could make the best financing choice for yourself.

Plan to stay in Switzerland for just a short while? Layne can also help get your car sold hassle-free.

Our references

What our customers say

I would strongly recommend Layne, especially to first time car buyers. The team was extremely patient with all my questions, they handled everything in a professional manner, they were always reachable and responsive as well as very friendly and personable - that made my life a lot easier! Overall, they went above and beyond to facilitate the purchase of the car for me in a very short timeframe and that was much appreciated! I would definitely trust them again in the future and I warmly recommend the team to all other car buyers out there! Thank you!
bought a BMW x1
We are 100% satisfied both with the guidance and the car. The consultant/advisor was always friendly, honest and very flexible. He was also reachable via Whatsapp. It made it easier to go about every day.
bought an Audi A6

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Buy a certified used car in Switzerland. Easy and worry-free.

Every buyer wants to know the quality of what they are purchasing. However, it is sometimes not clear when you shop for a second-hand car. Without an expert knowledge, it is difficult to assess whether the pricing is fair or in line with the actual quality, and avoid expensive repairs in the future. For this reason, every car sold by Layne has to pass a thorough technical inspection that includes mechanic as well as optical assessment. To see our (second-hand) cars, go to Unsere Occasionen. If you see a car you like, you can get in touch with us to organize a test drive. In this way, you can decide for yourself if the car meets your personal preferences. All of our certified vehicles include a 12-month warranty and a 12-month buyer protection. Layne is a Swiss start-up. At Layne, we take integrity very seriously. We believe that honest business practice win in the long run, and we stand by our belief to sell only high-quality used vehicles at their fair market value.

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