Sell your car without losing your money, or sanity.

Skip the usual stress of selling a car, avoid low-ball offers from auto dealers and find the right buyer in just a few weeks with Layne.

We partner with Swiss leading brands to help you sell like a pro.

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), all vehicle inspections are suspended until further notice. This is to limit the contact between people and the associated possible spread of the virus. However, our team is still available to assist sellers with a modified service. Please contact us directly by phone or Whatsapp at 077 532 32 81.

We advertise your car online, and find a qualified buyer for you.

Skip the hassles and stress. Layne guides you through the entire sales process from a to z to maximize your chance of a successful sale. 

✔   Up to 25% more than an average dealer offer.

✔   Professional advertisement on and other important platforms.

✔   Find the right buyer. No more aggressive agent calls and non-serious enquiries.

Sell like a pro

Advertising your car professionally is key to a successful and timely sale. Layne will list your car on and other marketplaces (e.g.,,, and 

As a result, you can sell like a pro and command a higher price for your car than if you were to sell it yourself or to a dealership.

Skip the stress

No more dealing with a ton of annoying or aggressive phone calls. We screen every lead to identify serious and qualified potential buyers.

We will also support you during sales negotiation so that you don’t have to deal with any stressful conversation.

Zero paperwork

We will provide you with all legal documentation and advise you during the vehicle de-registration, handover and payment process. We also support your buyer if they need leasing or financing options.


Reviews on AutoScout24: 5/5


Reviews on Google: 5/5


I have sold my Audi A1 through Layne – quickly, at a good price and with minimal effort. The communication with Layne was very friendly, straightforward and constructive.


Very professional and competent assessment of the car and price. Reachable and supportive during the entire sale process. Made the formalities easy to sort through.


Finally someone who is truly dedicated to the sales of a vehicle. The days of endless calls with unreliable dealers are finally behind us.

(Translated from German)

More details on how it works:

Begin your listing process by completing this form or contact our support team at Tel. or Whatsapp at 077 532 32 81 or

Within 1-2 business days after we have received your confirmation, your listing will be created and posted online on all major Swiss auto marketplaces.

We screen all contacts on your behalf. We will also monitor the market situation and advise you on potential price optimization. All qualified buyers will be referred to you for viewing and test drive.

We will also conduct sales negotiation, prepare legal sales documents for you and advise you during the handover and payment process. If needed, we will also provide leasing or financing options for the buyer.

Avoid the risks of payment scam in personal or cash transactions. With Layne, we ensure your payment will arrive safely in your bank account.

Our fees

For just CHF 49.- per month, we will do all the heavy-lifting needed to get your car sold.

And only once your car has been successfully intermediated, a 7% or minimum of CHF 750 success fee will be charged, based on the amount paid by the buyer. 

So that you can devote yourself to truly important things in life.

What our customers say about us

Layne is a new and aspiring company. I really like the business idea of selling cars for the best price. Also, the vehicle inspection and warranty that are included with the car are great. Fair, transparent and very engaging. I would definitely sell another car with Layne.
sold Opel Ampera
Everything was great! I was always promptly informed about the status of sales. I can only recommend Layne.
sold Land Rover Defender

In case of further questions

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077 532 32 81


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An easy way to sell your car. With Layne, you earn more without additional hassles.

It can be daunting and stressful for a private seller to sell their car. That is why it is helpful to get help. Layne is a Swiss start-up that specializes in helping private individuals successfully sell their cars in reasonable time and for the best price. We are offering car valuation and inspection at your home in Switzerland. We are innovative and focus on offering first-class services, so that our sellers can earn more for their cars, at little or no effort. We search for committed and qualified buyers to spare you from aggressive phone calls or emails from various agents. During the sales, your car will be advertised on, and other relevant platforms. The advertisement will include a quality assurance as a result of our detailed inspection, and a 12-month warranty. Leasing and financing is also available to buyers. This is the reason why buyers prefer to purchase a car from Layne, and sellers can get the best price that is up to 25% higher than an average trade-in price at a dealership. We advise every single seller and every single car individually in order to enhance the chance of a successful sale. If you want to find out more, please get in touch. We will be happy to help you find the best option to sell your car.

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